In every generation there is one driving force which attracts all things to one supernatural end - and that’s the purpose of God. This generation like many gone, sadly suffers from a Disconnection. And having lost touch with God who designed life and its purpose, they fail to discern and define their purpose ending up aborting on the life God has called them to live. This does not bring them the freedom they so desperately desire but a lot of struggling and suffering in the life they live. Destiny is a crucial issue of our lives, and everyone has to answer the age-old questions for himself or herself; who am I? What am I here for?  and where do I go from here? 

    © Destinyseed Mission 2020


    DESTINYSEED is a Christian Development Organisation whose vision and priority is to build and promote the strategic capacity essential for evangelism, education, and economic indelibility. 

    The Organisation founded by Pastor Dale and Betty Kakumba started as an outreach work to the poor and vulnerable persons in Uganda by equipping and encouraging them with the mission to achieve their Destiny dream. 

    Destinyseed is a people reaching Organisation that exists for three purposes: advancing the Christian Faith, Education, and Economic Development.

    ©Destinyseed Mission 2020


DESTINYSEED is a non-profit Christian Development Organisation. It was started  by Pastor Dale and Betty Kakumba with 11 members in a small rundown school classroom as an association for christian evangelism, life change, and discipleship. Established as an evangelism and a concerted effort against human corruption, Poverty, hunger, and functional illiteracy which have led to a great scale of human suffering here in Uganda and globally, reaching the lost we have led scores to faith and freedom in Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour leading to 4 seed churches planted, and 1 orphan school started. The organisation got its full official registration on 26th August 2019.    

Mission/Purpose Statement

The Vision and Priority of DESTINYSEED is ‘to build holistic and honourable lives through faith and knowledge of God’s will for each, in order to achieve God’s purpose in Jesus Christ our lord. We build strong faith and frameworks for successful engagement that result into Life Change and Discipleship.

Core Values

Grace and Purpose

The ministry is a work of faith, wholly dependent on God, and such men as God might choose to use. Its needs are brought to God in Prayer daily. 




C O N T A C T   I N F O R M A T I O N

1. Project Contact Person/Leader

Dale Kakumba

2. Name of Organisation/Church

Destinyseed Ministries Uganda/ 

Destinyseed Church

3. Address of Organisation 

P.o.Box 23863 Kampala

4. Telephone number

(+256) 771 446238, 751 707471

5. Email


6. Website 







T H E   P R O J E C T

Uganda is under the Lock-down because of the Virus Spike. People are dying, and according to the Ministry of Health Statistics over 800 people have died country wide. In our Community people are getting sick and some have died. The reality of the Pandemic is no longer a fiction.


With the increasing Risks of Public Human Contact, Closed Spaces, and Crowds (the 3Cs) Destinyseed Ministries would like to appeal to anyone who can sponsor or contribute towards its Covid-19 Response Project Plan to acquire the following facilities in the fight against the spread, contracting, and infections with the Covid-19 in Busika Community.

  1. Facility - a more open Metal Temporary Structure when the Lock-down is lifted.
  2. Sanitization Kits - Sanitizers, Masks, Gloves, Cleansing Soap, Hand Washing Kit 
  3. Food - Corn or Rice that can be distributed to the people in the Community under Lock-down 
  4. 1 Motor Cycle, and two Bicycles


T H E   P R O J E C T   B U D G E T

The Project will require Euros 2, 501.61 in order to be able to be carried out. And the following is the Budget

A B O U T   D A L E   K A K U M B A

(Project Leader)

Dale Kakumba is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Destinyseed Ministries Uganda a non-profit Christian Organisation engaged in evangelism, Church Planting, education and Community life Change. More information about him and the Ministry is found on the Ministry Website here at www.destinyseedmission.com