Based on God's word in 2timothy.1:9-10, it is very clear we have been called by God unto a holy and honorable life by his grace for his own purpose in Christ Jesus our Lord. We therefore believe in divine destiny as man’s ultimate purpose and call for his life. So we are Destinyseed Church! We believe in life and in God's purpose for human life; this is why we seek to discern God's Will in each decision we make, try our best to demonstrate God's love, and depend on the grace of God each day to carry out His work to achieve his Purposes. 

Destinyseed Church is a people reaching Church established for the purposes of evangelism, discipleship, and Life-Change. We start small congregations with a profound purpose of building the body of Christ Jesus extending the Kingdom of God. These small seed congregations which are minimalistic and mission-driven in their makeup grow to become corporate bodies of social change and growth.

The following here in, is the journal of some of the Ministry Works Pastor Dale and Betty Kakumba have been involved in since the time of their decision to serve the Lord full time. Some of them are not Destinyseed Works: