Psalms 127:3-5

In most families where poverty or polygamy is experienced children are the immediate victims. They are abused, neglected, or even exploited and suffer the most in everything that happens to the family e.g. in circumstances of HIV/Aids, Marriage breakup, Poverty, Job loss, etc.

CherishedChild is a Child-Care Program of DESTINYSEED set up to protect and support Children in the areas where we work. There are many children and youth that need help and intervention. 

Through this Church we set up a Children and Youth Dream ministry with the aims as to help the helpless, to educate, to teach skills, to develop talent, and to give them encouragement. 

⃰⃰ “vulnerable” we mean all conditions the Child might be undergoing including: abandonment, orphan, abused, exploited

To sponsor a child or to support CherishedChild Project please call us today +256 771 446 238/ +256 751 707 471 or email us at: